How to Access Your Surge Credit Card Login | Surge Credit Card Customer Service

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Do you want to gain full access to your surge credit card login | surge credit card customer service page?
Then you are in the right place to learn more about the surge credit card and how to sign in to your credit card account.
To make it easier to sign in to your credit account, download surge credit card app and install it in your mobile phone and manage your surge credit card account from the app.
Many people love using surge credit card web page to manage their Credit card account but we recommend you to get the surge credit card app download so that you can login to your account anywhere you go.

What Bank Is Surge Credit Card and How Good is Surge Credit card?

Surge credit card is issued by Celtic Bank and backed by Continental Finance, This credit card called Surge is an unsecured card available to consumers with bad credit.
Now depend on your credit history and score like i said in the other article, you could offered an unsecured card.

How to Download Surge Credit Card App and Login and Manage your Surge Credit Card Account

Surge Credit Card app is available on Google play store and Apple Store (iTunes)  where you will download credit cards app and access the Login and surge credit card payment page from the app.
With the app, you will get the best credit card offers and also access the credit card application room.

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  1. Go to your Google play stores ( and search for “Surge Credit Card app” and follow the step to install it.
  2. A Installation button will appear on your play store, click it and install it.
  3. Wait for a minute while the App is downloading. Depend on the speed of your network but Surge credit card app is fast download.
  4. Done or Open? click to open Surge credit card app and login to manage your credit card account.

NOTE: You can check your surge credit card status from the Surge credit card app you just installed.
You need an internet connection to gain full access to Surge credit card app.

How to Login to your Surge Credit Card  Account

Follow this steps to login to your surge credit card account.

Surge Credit Card Login | Surge Credit Card Customer Service

Surge Credit Card Login

Step 1. Go to the Surge credit card login homepage (

Step 2. Enter your Username and password to access your credit card account.

Step 3. Once you provide your Surge credit card login details , click the “SUBMIT” button and then manage your account.

N/B: If you forgot surge credit card login password then you can now rest your password.
Click the Forgot password link or forgot Username link and follow the steps to get a new surge credit card username and password back.

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