StsbKano Sales of Scratch Card For Both SS and JS Have Started

For those who want to apply for 2018/2019 science college Kano that they has announced the 2018 stsbKano sales of scratch card date is out.

The STSBKano registration form for both SS and JS for this year is no longer available.
For those who need information on how to obtain the 2018 Sales of stsbkano scratch card was started on 6/6/2018 and close on 22/6/2018.

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So you are to wait for the 2019 stsbkano Sales of scratch card for both SS and JS.

2018 StsbKano Sales of Scratch Card For Both SS and JS Update

We will update you the moment the 2019 STSBKano registration form.
Feel free to leave you comment with us for our latest Science and Technical Schools Board Kano (STSBKano Entrance Examination).

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