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Sign In iCloud Photo Sharing is an Apple photos app that enable users to create iCloud shared album and invite other iCloud users to subscribe to it.
This iCcloud sharing help those who don’t have an iCloud account or don’t have Apple device to share the album as a web page which anyone can see it.

Many of us love taking good photos but don’t know where to store it or share it. iCloud photos sharing is here to share them with your friends and family.
If you want to share only one photo, email, or messages it’s works nicely, but many of images that showcase a vacation or other special event, like wedding, Carnival photos and more are to use the iCloud photo sharing.

Without taking much of your time, am going to show you how to share iCloud photos (iCloud Photo Sharing) online.

How To Access Sign In iCloud Photo Sharing storage

To make iCloud photo sharing storage work then you need to follow this step to turn “ON” iCloud photo sharing on your device.

  • On your Mac, open the System Preferences > iCloud.
  • There is an option button next to photo then click it and select iCloud Photo share.
  • Once you select the DONE button then follow the instruction.
  • Go to iPad or iPhone Settings > Photos, quickly scroll down if asked to and kindly “TURN ON the iCloud photo sharing. Please not iCloud Photo Library!switch.

After you might have done with the Sign In iCloud Photo Sharing setting, you need to put your photo into a share photo album which you will follow these steps below;.

  1. In your Photos app, now select Photos or videos if you want to share video but since is photos select photo. If is difficult to select them all in one (multiple) don’t worry, you can add more later. On your Mac, Command, click the item you want or you can as well drag a selection rectangle around them. In your iOS, tap or click
  2. SELECT and tap the Items you want to share.
  3. Click the Share button, following the image below and choose “iCloud photo share”

    iCloud Photo Sharing

    iCloud Photo Sharing

  4. Click the iCloud “Shared Album” and create a new iCloud phot shared Album.
  5. Choose a name you want to give your iCloud photos Album in your iOS and click the NEXT button.
  6. Consider the two choices of iCloud photos sharing, either for other iCloud users or share with anyone as a web Page.
  7. Type an optional comment, and click to create iCloud photo share in your iOS and Post it.iCloud Photo Sharing
  8. Your new Album will appears in the shared category of Photos.
    Now you can configure your album, open the album and click the people button at the top of the screen in the iOS button. you will see many options, including a few aimed at any iCloud subscribers: select a name to send the invitation email again or to them.
    However, you can invite more people to see your photos by click the Plus sign.
    If you don’t want to invite more people to add their items to your album then turn off Subscribers Can post.

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