How To Recharge/Subscrib Startimes Online |

How To Recharge/Subscrib Startimes Online |
A lot of people find it difficult to recharge Startime online while some complain it took time to come up. We suggest you should check how you recharge or the numbers you subscribes to, if you make a mistake of your startime card numbers.
However, using Quickteller to subscrib startime is more easy and better.
Note; you will prompted for your ATM Card details before you can complete startime subscription.

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All startime subscribers are advice to buy StarTimes recharge cards from StarTimes offices nearby locations or buy from any of the authorized dealer outlets.

However, all the StarTime subscriber can as well recharge/subscrib on their own by carefully scratching the recharge card and send CC#smartcard number#pin as SMS (Text) to 32055 on all GSM networks including Visaphone network.

This what you need to know before you can find the recharging Fixed Devices which are  DECODER, CRT-DTV, LCD-DTV and LED-DTV

How To Recharge/Subscrib Startimes Online | & how to change startimes bouquet

1. If you wish to maintain your Startime current Bouquet then follow this step CC#smartcard number#pin SEND TO 32055

2.  You can change from any Bouquet to Basic any time you want to recharge or subscrib: CC#smartcardnumber#pin#B SEND TO 32055

3. Is better you change from any Bouquet to Classic at any time but you can still maintain it if you want: to change to classic then follow this CC#smartcardnumber#pin#C AND SEND TO 32055

4. If you wish to change/subscribe from any Bouquet to Unique plan then type this CC#smartcardnumber#pin#U AND SEND TO 32055

If you want use startime Quickteller, it is easy and fast and easy to conveniet. All you can do dial *322*8888*amount#.
Enter your Startimes smartcard number.
Now choose the list of bank and select one of the bank you’re banking with.
Enter your ATM Card number (Details) with Pin and confirm it.

If you have any problem while recharging your Startime decoder then feel free to leave your comment, while we are looking forward to soft your problem.

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