How to Create Hotmail Registration Account – Hotmail Login

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How to Create Hotmail Registration Account – Hotmail Login
Before can create Hotmail account you need to know what Hotmail is all about. So therefore we ‘re going to write based on the what Hotmail account can offer you.

About Hotmail

Hotmail is one of the largest email provider that offers free email and live chat platform that enable its users to send messages and share file such as Photos, videos, document and other over email and love chat platform.
At this section, you will be able to learn how to Create Hotmail account and access your Hotmail Login account free from homepage.
However, if you think Hotmail web will be stressful for you then you can download Hotmail email app to your device and use it any where you are.
Hotmail app is available on Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Windows PC so you can go to your Google play store or the Apple stores to download hotmail app.

How to Create Hotmail Registration Account – Hotmail Login

What You need to do is to visit Hotmail homepage At ( and click the the “Create an account” link from Hotmail sites or Sign up button from Hotmail app.
Follow there steps to Create Hotmail Registration Account.
However, we are going to show you with image on how to complete Hotmail account and sign in Hotmail account free of charge.
Step 1. Go to Hotmail website at and click the Create an account.
Step 2. A form will appear where you will provide your personal information, follow the form and provide your information.

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Step 3. Enter your Full name, date of birth, gender and your country .
Step 4. Create your new Hotmail user ID and choose your new password.
Step 5. Enter your Recovery email (alternative email or phone number) so that you can reset your account any time you forget your login details.
Step 6. Enter the code your have seen on the screen to indicate that you are not a robot.
Step 7. Click the Hotmail “SIGN UP” button to complete Hotmail Registration account.
Follow the same method to sign up Hotmail account using Hotmail Application and open Hotmail account.

Hotmail Login

If you have an account before or you just sign out Hotmail account and you want to login to your account again then this section is for you.
Follow the step guide to access your Hotmail login account.
1. Go to Hotmail website at ( or open your Hotmail app and click the login section to access your account.
2. Enter your Hotmail email address.
3. Enter your password you use during Hotmail Registration.
4. Click the Sign in button and access your account.
If you still have issues with your Hotmail account or find it difficult to reset Hotmail account then kingly leave your comment here by using the comment section.

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