How Can I Create iCloud Email Account & Check My iCloud Email?

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Hey there, am going to show you easy way to create iCloud email account check icloud email using mobile device such as Android or iPhone etc.
To register icloud email online is one of the best option to save your document, files, photos, musics/videos and share files on iPhone cloud storage.
If you don’t have an account then you will not be able to backup your iPhone device from iCloud or gain access to icloud email sign in page.
So follow the steps below to complete icloud email registration.


I can’t use something i don’t know the meaning and how it works. So find out here.
Apple iCloud us a service (Cloud) that connect all your devices in sync and is a cloud computing service proudly powered by Apple Inc.
iCloud enable users to share information between an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and a (Mac book) computer.
The information is automatically updated to make sure the recent information is available on each devices.

Is Apple ID and ICloud the same thing?

This is where many people get confuse and looking for how to create email sign up.
That fact is that you can not create iCloud account from because you don’t need a different Apple ID for iCloud.
Permit me to break it down in the way you will understand. is only created for icloud mail sign in not “icloud mail sign up”.
Therefore, i recommend you to use the same Apple ID for store purchases and iCloud.
You will only create icloud mail sign up (Apple ID) account from

To sign up apple icloud mail, kindly visit iCloud official apple support and click on the new account button.
First of all, you need to create Apple ID and set up iCloud for window, iPhone and other device.

How To Create iCloud Email Account Check iCloud Email

  1. Go to Applied Apple com or copy the link and past it on your browser.
  2. Click here or copy this (!&page=create)
  3. Enter your Full name e.g First name and Last name.
  4. Select your country/region and type in your Birthday.
  5. Choose your New Apple ID e.g
  6. Create a new password and quickly confirm your password.
  7. Choose an Apple iCloud security question 1 to 3, and an answer. (Note; your Apple iCloud questions will be used to verify your ID (identity) and recover your password when ever you forget it).
  8. Enter the character in the image shown on your screen and click Continue to sign up to iCloud email.

That’s all about iCloud email account.

After getting your iCloud Email Account the next thing is to check iCloud email which required to login with your details.

How To Check iCloud Email

  1. iCloud website here ( email sign in)
  2. Enter your Apple ID to sign in to iCloud mail account.
  3. Provide your Apple ID password and click the iCloud “SIGN IN” button.
    You are good to access your iCloud email account now.

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