Code to Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account Without Internet

EcoBank make it easy for customers who are not connected to internet banking network.
With the EcoBank transfer code, you can purchase and transfer airtime to your friends and family without internet.
I discovered ecobank has launched new top up services that enable customers to recharge with their Mobile Phone Airtime when ever you want to.
With the Ecobank airtime code, there is no extra charges is added so hope for the specified amount you want to recharge.
Many of the Nigerian Banks have already launched the USSD code airtime top up from your bank account.
So EcoBank has joined the game for the list of banks that offered this service.

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Without taking much of your time, i want to show you how the ECOBANK mobile transfer code can work on your phone.

If you have encounter some issues while tried to recharge your mobile phone, feel free to call the EcoBank customer care number or visit the nearest EcoBank branch to make your complains and ask for the reason why the ecobank transfer code is not working.
Also feel free to leave your comment if you need out assist.

Code to Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account Without Internet

ecobank mobile banking code is simple and easy to use to buy airtime from your bank and also buy airtime for your friends and family number.
Note: ecobank transfer code works with the mobile number your used during Ecobank opening of Account.
If you have not link any of your mobile number to your account then kindly visit Ecobank branch to update your record.

How it’s works:

How much do you want to recharge? let me assume you want to recharge N5000 as a customer;

Code to Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account Without Internet

Code to Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account

Code to Buy Airtime From Ecobank Account

Simply dial the EcoBank USSD code *326*5000# or *326*1000#using the mobile number you linked with your EcoBank account and Airtime will be credited to your mobile phone immediately.

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